Monologue EP

by Mountaineer

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The debut EP from the Copenhagen based melodic hardcore / wave act.
...songs that boast instant allure. Think a 40/60 split between European post-metal à la Devil Sold His Soul and Amber, and emotional hardcore in the vein of La Dispute, Defeater and Vales; then throw in a washing of electronica, and you should have a solid idea what sort of music Mountaineer play."

Watch Courageous Live Here:


released August 9, 2013

Jesper Ager: Electronics / Synth
Emil Rømer: Guitar
Steven Singh: Guitar
Dennis Hursid: Bass
Mathias Jaqué: Drums
Johannes Emil Hansen: Vocals

Produced mixed and mastered by Jeppe Andersson
Speciel thanks to Leslee Udwin and Kim Bro Rømer for helping us out!



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Mountaineer Copenhagen, Denmark

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Track Name: Courageous

From time to time I tend to lose my mind
it seems harder to fake a smile it seems pointless to try.
How many fights will I have to lose before I´m done with the war?
These roses have withered there is nothing left but thorns.
It all seems so relentless
the burden brings me to my knees
I´m getting restless, fed up with feeling like this.
I´ve lead myself astray
managed to get away
I cannot just stop going
I have to get back to the path I know
it´s more than worth to save
sometimes you have to be scared to be brave.
Now, am I brave?
Track Name: Monologue

I have to stop running in circles
to catch up with my past
I can´t tell day from night anymore
it hurt more than expected
when I lost my track
am I dreaming or am I awake?
I´d keep my mouth shut
as was it never meant to talk
every sentence was structured
but you would never hear them.
You keep talking about the weather
like you have nothing else to say
like you have nothing else to say to me
you just went on and on.
Not when the sun boils me
or when the moon cries on me
the best disaster ever would be
hit by your hurricane
such an unpleasant pain.
I stand with a hand full of coins
in the wrong currency
all stores are closed for the night.
Track Name: Losing Grip
Losing grip

Everyone I know is moving on
I´ve been stuck here way too long
I am hanging off a cliff by my fingertips
I am holding onto a single thread
and I´m sad to say I´m losing my grip
it hurts so much to hold onto
it hurts so much to let go
Growing up, looking back.
I try to push myself
make the blood run through my body
wish that I could take things slow
but my heart is in my throat
every breath is a sigh that only covers the top of my lungs
despite how brief life is I´ve been here too long
I’m worn and my impatience will have the outcome of the patient.
Only time will tell if the clocks are really ticking
if all roads lead to Rome
only time will tell if the clocks are really ticking
if I let go, will I be lead home?
Track Name: Greyscale City
Greyscale City

Shame on me
I´m just a boy
Hiding my face in my hands
It always seems to rain
without a cloud in the sky
Another cold year passing by.
Is it now too late to be wherever I want to be?
I swear that you will see me again when it all comes to an end
shame on us, look what we made
empty sidewalks, darkened streets
my eyes adjusted to the dark
but my hands can’t stop shivering
some day I will remove them and see all the colors filled in.
In the city where I live
we are nothing but shades
in the city I live in
we´re shades on the same greyscale.
It has never been so easy for anyone to blend in with the pavement
the horizon meets the sky
it has never been so easy for anyone to sink into the concrete
Greyscale city, We´re just shades on the same greyscale